Efficient Third-Party Logistics & Distribution Services

DMSI in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers retailers and manufactures with a comprehensive, flexible third-party logistics option for distribution, warehousing, and value-added services. Our capabilities are broad and reach across the retail and manufacturing supply chain.

Logistics & Distribution

DMSI has embraced a lean warehousing and distribution philosophy to ensure continuous operational improvements, waste elimination, and high ongoing operating efficiencies. We remain focused on optimizing the retail and manufacturing supply chain through collaboration, planning, facility design, facility layout, workforce, and process management.

DMSI's flexible 3PL solutions for client distribution and warehousing requirements enable substantial facility, equipment, systems, and personnel cost reductions. By working with our clients, we have achieved world-class cross-dock expertise.

Units - Distribution Services

Boxes - Distribution Services

Our Facility

The products we move transfer quickly and efficiently through our facilities to reduce transit time end-to-end. Our cross-dock centers keep retailers’ and manufacturers' products moving continuously, even in the most demanding circumstances. This valuable capability is achieved by designing facilities for optimal supply chain efficiency using repeatable, documented processes. Cross-dock methodology can be used as an inventory postponement strategy, with goods that are sorted and forwarded to regional distribution centers, directly to stores, or to end users based upon current needs. This technique allows for inventory deployment decisions to be made weeks earlier and adjusted based on recent sales volumes.

Distribution & Value Added

Trust in DMSI for a variety of value-added services to enhance and complement your retail and manufacturing supply chain capabilities. Our logistics and distribution services facilitate strategies to lower inventories of finished goods by postponing final assembly and labeling until customer orders are received.

We ensure efficient and seamless retail merchandise and manufacturing processing for DC support, store and plant replenishment, fulfillment, and reverse logistics. We have also utilized green strategies for the reuse of packaging materials for recycling, conservation, and disposal. We coordinate direct deliveries of returned products to manufacturing sites or vendors. Our distribution and value-adding services include:


• Receiving
• Checking
• Price Mark & Ticketing
• Cross-Docking
• Pick & Packing
• Material Handling
• De-Consolidation
• Order Fulfillment Services
• Reverse Logistics
• Returns Processing
• Inventory & Warehouse Management

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