Reliable Warehousing & Contracting Logistics

Warehouse - Warehouse Logistics

Gain valuable revenue profit services with DMSI in Charlotte, North Carolina. We offer contract and warehouse logistics that are focused on providing chain management solutions.

Warehousing & Distribution

DMSI operates multi-functional facilities, where cross-dock and warehouse and storage activities are directed alongside value-added distribution services. Expanding the clients’ needs, increasingly complex supply chain models, and competition have led retailers and manufacturers to outsource part of their supply chain.

To achieve these external capabilities, DMSI has played a key role in providing third-party warehousing and distribution resources. Developing, implementing, and maintaining our distribution and warehousing services has been a proven strategy that has given us a competitive advantage, both internally and externally. Our strategy has allowed us to comfortably utilize client systems, develop bolt-on process management software to integrate with client systems, or provide DMSI standalone capabilities to fully support client warehouse and distribution requirements.

Project & Contract Logistics

We have been requested to collaborate during strategic and tactical planning sessions that focus on supply chain management evaluation and implementation decisions. Our current clients are confident in our management by outsourcing elements of the supply chain. In addition, projects oriented around functional areas of logistics, distribution, staffing, and labor management are critical to their competitive success.

When you review the resumes of most logistics companies, you will find a presentation of a broad spectrum of services. As we compete against these advertised capabilities, many times they lack in their developing or undeveloped capabilities. We believe this misleads and wastes the time of any company that is pursuing a solution.

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